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and the art of breaking everything in the room

Annie the Imaginary Lawyer

a clockwork orange, afi, aladdin, angst, apple brownies, aqua teen hunger force, art, beads, beauty and the beast, big beds, body modification, bondage, boondock saints, brad pitt, bright eyes, but i'm a cheerleader, cannibalism, chains, chocolate, christian bale, cirque du soleil, collars, comic books, contortion, count rugenxhumperdinck, cowboy bebop, criss angel, cuddling, dancing, daniel handler, danny elfman, davey havok, david bowie, donnie darko, drawing, edward scissorhands, elliot smith, erin, ewan mcgregor, eye liner, fantasy, fight club, friendly hostility, gay pirates, gold, greek mythology, greeks, gypsies, handcuffs, harry potter, hercules, hopeless romantics, irish accents, jake gyllenhaal, javey, jhonen vasquez, johnny depp, johnny the homicidal maniac, joy division, jude law, kurt cobain, leather, lord of the rings, love, love letters, love songs, lovely lovely ludwig, marilyn monroe, marlon brando, marlonxjames, meatwad, monroes, monsters, morpheus, moulin rouge, mozart, music, nazi uniforms, neil gaiman, nine inch nails, nirvana, oddfellows, oscar wilde, painting, penguins, penny arcade, photography, piercings, pinstripe, pirates of the carribean, pretty people, princess bride, rain, rammstein, rats, rings, robert smith, romance, rufus wainwright, sandman, semes, shells, silver, slash, sleeping, smoking, smut, snow, spikes, squee!, star gazing, staying up all night, stenciling, swimming, tattoos, the cure, the nightmare before christmas, the ramones, thrift store shopping, thrift stores, tommy guns, torture, trent reznor, ukes, vast, velvet, video games, ville valo, well-written fanfiction, whips, white chocolate, world inferno friendship society, yaoi, zelda